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Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

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Prince George’s first official birthday portrait

Prince George’s first official birthday portrait

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sherlock season 1 + scenery `

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can we just smile over the fact that helena tried to assassinate everyone last season and cosima greets her for the first time with an excited hug 

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You’ve been through a lot worse,

          y o u   c a n   d o   t h i s.

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There were five others before they got to him. He smiled a little when his turn came. His voice was low, smoky, and dead sexy. “My name is Augustus Waters,” he said. “I’m seventeen. I had a little touch of osteosarcoma a year and a half ago, but I’m just here today at Isaac’s request.”

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Fangirl Challenge: (9/12 Actors) : Arthur Darvill

"I know deep down in my heart that owls are better than eggs. (don’t tell the eggs)"

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TRACK: No Scrubs
ALBUM: CrazySexyCool

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